Strategic Sales & Marketing

Market Entry and Customer Acquisition Strategies

market entry and customer acquisition strategies Venture Backed Technology Companies“Tony and Lina are smart, hardworking, and well-connected. They have a good understanding of the needs of smaller technology companies, they were hands-on where they needed to be, and they helped us begin to open up large new markets.” –Dr. Chris Rosin, President & Co-Founder, Parity Computing

Phase I

Our initial engagements with early stage companies usually begin with ‘Phase I’ where we work on a project basis to get companies ready to grow in new verticals or prepare for strategic partnerships, exit or Venture financing. We work with the executive teams of our clients to help them develop their market entry and customer acquisition strategies, business model, business plan, investor presentation, and financing strategy. In Phase I we usually work intensively for 1-2 months preparing the company to make the most of the growth opportunity presented by the technology and the market.

During our initial consultation, we work with the executive team to outline the scope, timing and cost of our Phase I project. Phase I is very intense, research intensive, strategically focused. We scope the costs of Phase I according to client needs and expectations and our estimate of the hours required. We don’t broker deals, make introductions to investors on a contingent fee, simply edit already prepared plans or advise. We work with venture backed technology companies or profitable ones looking to grow.

The team at SEED works with a strategic focus and methodology similar to Bain or McKinsey. However, we are entrepreneurs who take operational roles in venture backed technology companies and therefore take a more hands-on and realistic approach so that our Phase I work can be brought to fruition. Here, we help prepare the founding teams to run their company, raise top tier money and close paying customers. We put in a great deal of work to get companies up to sophisticated investors’ standards and have a stellar reputation in doing so.

Phase II

We Help Execute as a Part-Time Member of Venture Backed Technology Companies

After building a client’s strategic plan in Phase I, we work with a small number of executive teams as part-time member of their management team. Overall, our mission is to take operational roles in support of a company’s founders and/or CEO. Our goal is to ‘extend the life’ of the current CEO/founder through the timely completion of essential milestones such as venture financing and initial revenue generation by providing them the benefits of our experience as founders and leaders of venture backed technology companies.  Phase II is paid for with cash & stock on an hourly basis.

“SEED performed excellently in their strategic and interim-executive role at 3E. I highly recommend them.” –Jeffrey Starr, VP of Marketing, 3E Company


A+ client list; 100% Client Satisfaction (see website testimonials); Start-up Executive Experience & Focus; Silicon Valley Connections; Team w/ experience AND energy to do the “heavy lifting.” We fill growing companies’ needs for top-tier, hands-on operational experience and/or McKinsey-quality strategic planning and implementation.