Shop Local: The SinglePlatform Story

WITH 40 PEOPLE crammed into SinglePlatform’s 3,000-square-foot headquarters in Manhattan’s Financial District, temperatures routinely climb to 85 degrees. Employees take turns working from home, while new hires train in classrooms at a nearby community college. “When we move, people get to brag about starting out in this s–thole,” says founder and CEO Wiley Cerilli.

Shop Local from a Single Platform

And with the heat comes blistering growth. Last year’s $2 million in sales should jump to $15 million or more in 2012. In March, 60,000 restaurants and small businesses (spas, flower shops, even law firms) signed up for the company’s free software, letting them manage menus and price lists on their Web, mobile and Facebook pages from one simple screen. Another 10,000 shelled out a $495 annual fee (franchises get discounted rates) to list their wares across Cerilli’s network of online publishers, including the New York Times, the Yellow Pages, Foursquare and Google ( GOOG – news – people ). Publishers pay SinglePlatform nothing but enjoy fattened ad revenues as users spend time checking out menus.

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